Chicken Climbing

If you are a hardcore fan of Gogy unblocked games, don't miss out on this new option of the adorable Chicken Climbing game online! It brings about a new selection of both action and arcade themes with simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay. All kids from tons of different countries and of all ages have the access to this game, so are you! The goal is simply to make sure that the little chicken can climb up for as many steps as possible without falling.

There will be spiky blocks randomly pop up on some parts of the platform. Your job is to make sure that you secure the chicken and help it avoid collision with angry chickens, danger spikes, missiles, and plenty of other challenges. The platform is stacked up one by one with a specific height, so you will have to decide if the chicken needs to perform a jump or a double jump to conquer each one.

The longer you survive, the more chances you have of overcoming the barriers of old records. If you haven't know the basics of this game, feel free to try it out a few times! There is no limitation on how many times you can dive into this amazingly cute game with an adorable setting and cute characters. A double jump might get you on the next stages, but be careful of the existing spikes.

Such a fun and enjoyable game will be available for free so that you can participate without any hinge and share widely with your friends! It's time for you to discover how good your jumping and navigation skills are and find out how high you can jump. We have some other simple and similar-themed games such as Dr Octopus Darkling.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to make the chicken jump, double click to double jump.