Battboy Adventure 2

Take over the role of this talented Battboy from our new gaming selection of Battboy Adventure 2 on the mission to bypass a total of eight levels which are all action-based. You will get the ultimate chance to explore a platform or maze filled with gaps, holes, and obstacles while defeating new enemies in this Gogy online game! You will help the kid move from one block to another with the support of his trusty grappling gun. Another crucial task will be to beat enemies that come your way using your boomerang and you will learn how to collect full three stars on every level, regardless of the level's difficulty range.

Don't give up until you have become the sole winner who can finally finish it all and clear all the achievements! The game allows a limited number of lives for each player, but you can gain more using the ad-watching feature. Since the life count is limited, use each turn wisely and avoid any possible trouble at all costs. There will be some prominent obstacles for you to tackle in this game, ranging from the spiky wheels, deadly traps, and flying arrows, to other randomly popped-up monsters that will do their best to block your way.

Clear all blockages and continue where you left off in case you fail the first time. Feel free to enjoy the game in your language as we provide the tutorial and instructions in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Go ahead to explore more games like Wizard Mike and Last Stickman Fighter from the 2023 free game collection here at! How to maneuver the boys is entirely up to you, feel free to showcase technique, special skills, or unique strategy to bypass them all! 

Instruction to play:

Play with the arrow keys and interact with the mouse.