Aqua Friends

The only way for these octopi to find the way back to their friends in this Aqua Friends game is to hold hands! The mission in this Gogy free game involves connecting the long tentacles of the octopus to help them link together. This will prevent them from drifting away due to the harsh ocean waves. You need to connect the flinging tentacles and making sure that all the octopi are holding hands with no tentacle left wiggling on its own.

By sliding and moving everybody around, you can choose the best formation and positions to complete the goal. Don't give up before finishing linking them all! Use your intelligence to mark the shortest line possible. It's an extremely fun logic game from the collection at where you need to focus to choose the best strategy.

The smarter your moves are, the more bonus stars you will gain. Your scores will reach the maximum range if you manage to combine the floating stars near the ocean floor to the existed line of octopi. It's not an easy feat since you have to take both the stars' position and the animals' position into account in order to form a line. Yet, if you conquer this, your scores will be the top!

It's a logical and fun game that will bring friends together through challenging puzzles for free. Are you ready to meet these adorable aqua friends? The marine world comes alive in more games like Xmas Draw and Chilly Snow Ball

Instruction to play:

Drag and release the mouse to choose and arrange the octopus.