Shark Hunter 2

A fresh 3D game with the best and high-end graphics that will bring you to the realistic marine world is here at Gogy land! We guarantee that this game called Shark Hunter 2 will be one of the most unique and realistic experience for the players in this genre. You will play the role of a scuba diver who is trapped inside a tank underwater. Your job is to aim at the swirling sharks around you and shoot the required number before the oxygen tank runs out. Don't panic because it will make it harder to focus.

As soon as you see a shark approaching, prepare to load the bullets and take a shot. Keep in mind that the bigger shark will take more shots to defeat, so prepare yourself. Not only will you feel as if you are actually trapped underwater thanks to the 3D graphics but you will also experience the shooting features in a different view. The missions in this game from will not be easy to conquer. You have to finalize the stages, each with its requirements such as salvage the scuba divers, negate the area while controlling the time.

Change your weapons when it's necessary due to the circumstances so that you can get an upper hand in the battle. Join more exciting and dangerous adventures such as Tank Mayhem and Galactic Judge to enjoy the adrenaline rush! 

Instruction to play:

Move using mouse scroll or arrow keys, change the weapons using Ctrl key, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to zoom.