Unequal Match

The chase of the legendary turtle and rabbit never stops, they just change the location. Come to this Gogy puzzle game to enjoy a brand new genre of puzzles that you might just find for the first time here! Unequal Match will bring a new ladder and snack chase to the table. The rules are a bit different as you will have to roll out the dice to get your number of moves.

Once the dice show, your character moves forward for several blocks accordingly. Moreover, this amazing game comes in three different game modes so that the kids can choose the one that most fits them, or go through one by one. From 1 player mode, 2 player mode to the special paper mode, you will find out that there are some differences in the way the game works.

Paper mode will be the most special one as the players get to decide the order for the characters, roll both dices, and when to move which character. Normal modes like 1 or 2 players will have designated layout and obstacles so that we have to follow them. The cool part of this game is that there will be scattered snakes and ladders on the board. If you are lucky, the ladders will take you toward a higher platform much faster.

Otherwise, you can automatically go down when stepping on a snake. Also, be careful so as not to move it to the wrong tile because that might not be where your character should be. Our long list of daily-replenished games such as Naughty Panda Lifestyle is available with just one tap of your finger at https://gogy.games/, so make some time to have a blasting playtime with your friends on more virtual games!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click or tap to roll the dice and move characters.