Super Crime Steel War Hero

Some first-person action games might be fun but looking at the fight from the third-person point of view is also very cool. Check out this feature in Super Crime Steel War Hero, a new choice in Gogy action games. Here, the kids who are fans of strong, big and powerful steel superheroes get a chance to play with these amazing powers!

Moreover, with the inspiration from Marvel’s Spiderman and Iron Man, the game also guarantees the badass set list of characters with powers similar to both of them. You will take up your own hero. Make sure to choose the one with the power that is easy to control for you. After you are satisfied with the theme, look and powers of it, start attending the toughest battles.

In each turn, you need to defeat the other opponent using the reflexes in movement and the powers. Fly around, climb walls, punch and kick hard or use your powerful laser beam to destroy your enemies. Keep out for all of the tasks on each level. If you manage to fulfill these missions, you can earn extra money to buy weapons, which are useful to avoid getting killed by gangsters and police. It's fun to freely fight on the street.

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Instruction to play:

Use Arrows or WASD to move

Mouse to aim and shoot

E to fly

Spacebar to jump

Shift key to sprint.