Taxi Driving 3D Simulator

Being a taxi driver is not an easy feat in real life due to many different elements affecting the total performance on the street. Why don't you take a training session with Taxi Driving 3D Simulator online at Gogy land? This will be helpful to train your navigating skills and the reflex to overcome the special circumstances. In this game, the players take control of his or her taxi. Drive the taxi around the city to search for your passengers' locations and pick them up.

It's the same as the tasks of any ordinary taxi drivers in real life. One of the most important factors is to estimate the travel time so that you can bring the passengers to the final destination within the time required. If you failed to reach the destination in time, your scores might be deduced. The best players at... shall be the ones who can complete the most tasks and satisfy the most customers.

Pay attention to the bumpy road path, the crowded area and the pedestrians who pass by the roads randomly. The highlight of this driving game is the feature that allows the change in viewpoint. There are two types of view: the top-down view or the first-person view for you.

Pick one of the two depending on your preference and personal experience! Don't miss out other thrilling races in the free games like Sports Car Dock Parking and Car Racing 3D

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move, Space for handbrake, C for viewpoint switching.