Insects Bumping Match

Insects Bumping Match will be a crossover between a highly fun puzzle game and a matching game with colorful pieces. The main theme of this Gogy kid game is to make sure that all similar pieces are placed together and complete the most pairs ever. Should you be confident in your ability to spot a pair that can be matched using less than 3 lines, you will be able to gain combos easily here.

The rule is that you need to slide the block vertically and horizontally towards the blocks that are identical to it. The fastest way to achieve the most pairs is to brainstorm to think of the route with the least moves possible. We will bring the title of the master of the Leaderboard to the players who manage to cut down on the number of moves. Eliminate the block pairs and gain from 100 points per successful set! If you slide the block more than one time, your score will be deducted 10 points, so think of your movement carefully.

A total of 24 levels, each with a different layout and set of insect-themed pieces will satisfy your gaming experience. Pay attention to the pairs made of the blocks that are close by, because these can be matched fast and easily. Come up with a strategy to tackle the cornered pieces first, then think of how you can break down the rest of the board later.

In we bring this exhilarating experience to kids of all ages and allow them to freely have fun with this game! Add a tad bit more free games to your favorite list with some of the best choices like Flat Jumper or Super Sushi Cat A Pult

Instruction to play:

Instructions for control keys: Match and move the pieces using the left mouse or the touchbar.