Merge Fish 2

It's no easy feat to conquer all the available levels in this game of Merge Fish 2 - the second gaming version that channels a new battle. The layout of the board and placement of the fishes will be unexpected with twists and updates in this new game from Gogy land! The goal overall is to merge three or more fishes available on the board to meet the required number for each type.

 You can also choose which next fish to enter the grid by tapping on the fish next to them. Arrange the fish and make sure that they are placed in the correct order. Once it's finished, you can start merging the two similar fishes and they evolve into the next generation type. Different colors and different shapes will be the two most significant changes as you can see in the new fish, so go ahead and unlock all the types available.

There shall be a number written on each fish, which helps you to pick which fish pairs to merge and which to avoid. It's a combination of number games and puzzle games and has attracted players of all ages into trying this game out at! Use your control panel to know the location of the fish.

The players are free to choose the position to place and arrange the order of the fish. As long as you can line up groups of similar-colors fish, they will merge automatically for you. Wreck your brain to find the best alignment and solution to more puzzle games such as Cats and Dogs Puzzle or Balls Lines Colors, the top-notch gaming selections for free! Plenty are for sharing and enjoying with friends and family as well! 

Instruction to play:

Tap or click on the fish to make them enter the board or to arrange them.