Grenade Hit Stickman

Grenade Hit Stickman brings a new experience with the incredible feeling of throwing grenades along with the most realistic background, sounds, vibrations, and other elements for you to explore! This Gogy 2022 new game will allow the best gamers in the field of interactive gaming to share their talent with the world. Will you be able to make sure that the grenade hits the stickman when you throw them along the trajectory?

Or will your technique be enough to break through all the possible levels here in our full collection? Learn how to clear the stage by destroying the stickman that is standing in your path! The task for all players here will be to throw the grenade toward the enemies, objects, or specific targets for each stage. To clear up the level and blow up the opponent's bases, you need to estimate the force and direction of the throw carefully. A limited number of grenades will be given to each player. Other types with larger damage ranges and more explosive techniques will be unlocked once you manage to climb the ladder of ranking.

Understanding each grenade's special ability will help you successfully increase your explosion radius, and destructive force, as well as which items to be destroyed. Utilize the given arc of the trajectory to control the route and the dropping point for your weapons. It's possible to even organize combos by destroying several opponents by stacking up more and more grenades in consecutive turns, but it all depends on your skills!

In some cases, the grenade might bounce on the boxes or the obstacles and move to an entirely different spot, which might cause you trouble. Use your given chances wisely to achieve the results and move onwards with harder targets! Here at, our list of shooting games will never end with new drops like Hyper Doll!

Instruction to play:

Click and hold to prepare the grenade, and drag and release the mouse to throw it.