Drive And Park

From the name of Drive And Park free game, can you guess the main tasks in it? That's right! This Gogy car game will test out the best of your parking skills in the narrowest places. If you manage to park perfectly in this kind of game, you will fear no more with this difficult task. Practice more and more to conquer this dreading mission of parking!

The game simulates the real-time situation of parking in which you will have to search for the blank spots in the parking lot, move your car and park it at the empty space. Keep in mind that despite there is no time limit, you should still move as fast as you can while maintaining the balance and carefulness. In real life, if you don't move in time, someone else will take up that spot!

While moving, pay attention to the other parked cars in the lot to avoid scratching, colliding or crashing into them. Don't ruin any other car just to park your own! Remember to collect coins along the way and upgrade your car to the fancy ones in the store! A tip for the new players is that you will park easier with the proper combination of using the brake and the gas pedal. Push on the pedal slightly and turn the wheel at the same time to move towards that direction.

Only by practicing can you pass all the levels in, so let's buckle up now! Can you conquer other racing games such as Sling Drift and Uphill Climb Racing 3

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.