Railroad Crossing Mania Game

The cars and trains and other vehicles at Railroad Crossing Mania Game are in confusion due to the large traffic jam. This is caused by a large volume of vehicles on the street without any controlling method. We need you and your excellent arrangement skills in this Gogy online game for kids to solve this huge problem. Let's start to untangle the knots and bring back the clear road for transportation!

The main rail in this game is created for the train, however, if the little cars run on it, there will be troubles. Your job is to make sure that you prevent the car from steering into the train rail by clicking the light to change it. It can be switched from red to green and vice versa to make the car move or stop. Pay attention to the sign as the train approaches or passes your position. The key to this amazing game at http://gogy.games/ is to enhance the knowledge of safety for road users as well as the ability to choose the right lane.

The more turns you manage to control, the higher your scores are. Yet, if you happen to let too many cars crashing into the train, the game is over. The vast world of gaming filled with thousands of choices like Dangerous Speedway Cars and Offroad Animal Truck Transport await for you and friends! 

Instruction to play:

Change the traffic light using the left mouse button. Click again to change back.