Sushi Feast

Sushi Feast is the new spin-off of a classic tile and matching game that you used to enjoy in Gogy land. The difference that you will be experiencing in this game is that more delicious icons and pretty sushi pieces will show up on the grid for your enjoyment. Let's start the feast and fill your stomach with these adorable sushi pieces! Not only is this an interactive game for the fans of matching themes but you will be able to explore tons of new rules and fun themes.

The levels vary in layout, number of pieces, given time range, and many other factors. Each level has its special point and unique challenge that the players need to overcome. The overall goal is to pass a level by gathering enough sushi pieces. Before you hit on each stage, a panel will show on the left-sided screen with the requirements for each type.

Once you manage to gather those sushi pieces, the level will be marked as completed. But keep in mind that there will be a limited time frame that you have to abide by. There will be a flow of sushi moving on the grid. Be quick to spot the sushi strings that include three or more sushi pieces of the same type. A total of three stars is the top rank that you can get out of each stage. If you are a newbie, it'll not be easy to spot and shoot all the sushi pieces, but try again a few times to get the gist of it.

This game from includes tons of new skins for sushi and new sushi pieces that will slowly unlock throughout the game. Let's test your aiming skill with this free game and more gaming selections of your choice such as Birds Connect Deluxe

Instruction to play:

Click to choose the sushi pieces and connect them.