Black Stallion Cabaret

You get to play the role of the controller of this massively armored train from our latest Gogy new game: Black Stallion Cabaret! With a train full of charming dancers, and singers, you will get to repel the attack of monsters with these talents. Get on the carriage and start roaming through the city while entertaining the public! In order to keep moving on in this game, you need to bring the group of cabaret to the other side of the country without getting harmed by the monsters.

Once you have entered the main mode of the game, follow the tutorial to learn how to merge items that will be helpful to you. As you create new items from merging in the workshop, your weapon will increase the levels for a wider range of damage. Keep your weapons sharp and don't forget that the only way to defend against a large number of monsters in this game is to keep updating.

Black Stallion Cabaret - Upgrade the cabaret to defeat enemies!The battles from the main screen of this game are automatic, which means you only have less than 30 seconds to decide which one to equip. If you can keep the dancers safe, they will dance and give rewards including details for the carriage. The higher the level of your newly unlocked item, the more points you gain by using it.

Once you defeated a monster squad, you can move to the next town. Don't forget to collect more carriage parts in different towns! Bear in mind that the number of parts depends on the level of dancers as well as the maximum level of crafted items that you are making in the warehouse. Challenge yourself with more games like Stack from for the best time of your life! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to choose the items and to merge.