Neon Invaders

Neon Invaders from Gogy 2020 kid games will bring up the nostalgia of a classic arcade game that most kids enjoy during childhood - Space Invaders. If you have been familiar with the old version, this one will be a piece of cake for you! More updates, a new version of rules, and multiple types of enemies will add up the excitement and create an innovative gaming platform.

It's an arcade game mixed with a shoot-up gaming type in which the players will comply with the missions of protecting their bases against the attack of countless enemies. Those neon invaders manage to infiltrate the first layer, so now it's up to you to shoot them down. Don't let a single one of them cross over the borderline or else your universe will suffer from great damage. Before they reach you, defeat them with your precise shots. Like any other arcade game, the mechanics, as well as the rules, are pretty player-friendly and easy to learn, which allows little kids to enjoy this gameplay as well.

Keep progressing and moving forward by achieving the coins from the defeated spaceships. They will fall to the bottom of the screen and there is one chance to capture them. Other than defeating enemies and protecting your base, accumulating scores for better weapons will be another goal of yours. In this free game at, graphics and designs are all in a futuristic neon style, which creates a colorful and beautiful platform for enjoyment.

Learn how to move, where to place your aircraft, and when to shoot with this game immediately! Feel free to dive into the games like Mosquito Smash Game with similar gaming methods and techniques for your improvement! 

Instruction to play:

Hold the left mouse to shoot, drag and move the mouse to move the aircraft.