Zombie Wave Again

Defending the gate of your base from the other opponents in the game of Zombie Wave Again will be quite a challenge due to the large volume of enemies and their attacks come in waves. However, with good aiming and shooting ability, the best shooters will be able to complete this mission. Your goal remains to prevent zombies from crossing the important bridge that leads to your castle. They will join forces to come and hit your place, therefore, place the shooters, cannons, and towers accordingly along the way to shoot them down as they are moving.

Cannons are your most important weapons and tools in this Gogy shooting game, but make sure that you keep them updated with new skins purchased by the gained coins. Your technique should keep improving through waves to make sure that your strategy combining with it can defeat the next wave with higher difficulty. 3 lives will be given to each new player. The moment that you run out of lives, the game shall be over.

As you manage to unlock a new mission, not only will there be an increase in the number of opponents but the boss will also come at you. Let's prepare your towers and shooters for the upcoming obstacles and difficulty level! A cool feature in this game at http://gogy.games/ is the unlimited bullets and ammo. Don't worry about running out of them and keep shooting to complete all of your missions. You can aim at the single zombie, or shoot at the center of the gate to keep eliminating them all.

Depending on the situation, we recommend that you come up with new shooting tactics and increasing damaged range. Feel free to check out tons of other shooting games such as Protect Red Indian Man with equally cool features and entertaining gameplay! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button to shoot at the zombies.