Flat Jumper

Flat Jumper will test your ability to quickly snatch the ball and bring it to the right platform while being under the pressure of time. It's the best game from the list of Gogy new games for players who dare to compete in a fast-paced environment with a goal to set the highest record. Not only will you need to control the ball and its color from the starting point but you will also need to decide which color to change and when.

Once the ball starts reaching the cross piece of color, you have to match its specific color of red, blue, and yellow with the color of the platform. In case that you can't match the speed of the game, your ball will fall to the ground. Speedily make the color of the ball consistent with the color of the next piece on the board so that the ball can bounce off and continue the journey. Will you be able to keep the score and combos for a long time?

It's best to adhere to the rules of switching once you see the new platform blocks or else you will not have enough time to react. Can you see the statistics shown on the top of the game screen? That'll be your final result calculated using your number of gained pieces on the platform. Only the kids with excellent eye-hand movement will be able to conquer this tough course of exploration.

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Instruction to play:

How to control the ball: Click on the color to change or interact by tapping on the touchpad and the mobile screen.