Wake Up The Box

Wake Up The Box is the new generation of physics-infused puzzle game from Gogy land that brings more than just a simple puzzle. Your job will be to look for the best spot to attach or to break out some pieces to wake up the box, which is the game's main character. Our friend, Mr. Box, is put in a high place while he was asleep. Now, to wake him up, you have to make sure that you stir the infrastructure enough to push the pole to one side and make it fall.

When it does fall, the sleepy box will automatically wake up! Easy as it sounds, the levels might be a little bit more challenging due to the stable pole and different set-ups for each stage. You will have to observe, calculate the physics to know which side should you place the force to fulfill your quest.

It's important to place objects carefully because your scores are calculated based on the number of pieces you used. The higher the box is placed, the easier it gets since you can easily tip it over. However, for the poles that have supported infrastructure on two sides, the story gets a little bit more complicated than that.

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Instruction to play:

Drag and release the left mouse button to place the objects.