Police Car Armored

Emerge in the latest chasing race of Police Car Armored where the criminals are running away! Allow yourself to enjoy the exhilaration and thrilling sensation of this Gogy 2023 online game now! Use your speed and flexibility to capture these located criminals within the area. It's a new police game with the main theme of car chasing, embedded with amazing graphics and fast movement.

Regardless of the location, your overall objective as one of the police officers is to control your armor car to get to the place of your targets. Chase after the criminals and do whatever it takes to bring them back to the police station. As you are backed up by a large force of cop cars, the work of patrolling the city will be easier. However, it's also up to you to land some scores and a good record for yourself in this game.

First, understand the layout of each city part before roaming and targeting the place. Dodge the obstacles that show up on your route, and try to speed up at the right time. It also resembles a classic racing game in which you will need to catch up with the other player - or the criminal cars - ahead of yours.

Don't forget to use the scores and points to purchase and enhance the horsepower of your vehicles to prepare for the tougher challenges later. The most important element of the game will be your ability to interact with randomly popped-up items and capture the timing to fast forward. Similar gaming options with equally interesting gameplay such as GP Moto Racing 3 from https://gogy.games/. Don't let them bypass you or keep a huge gap because it's hard to capture them later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact, and select, and the keyboard to drive the cars.