Drift Car Extreme Simulator

Test your talent when it comes to drifting under the pressure of the most extreme platform of this Gogy driving game: Drift Car Extreme Simulator for both boys and girls! It's the latest game with the drifting main gameplay and one of the most realistic drifting simulation themes that you can experience here on the free game collection.

Not only is it for the brave drivers to explore the new platform but it's also a good option for enhancing your driving and improvising skills. The task of drifting under the adrenaline rush is not for the weak-hearted, but you can train and practice until you get the basics of it! Hit the race and get to the highest speed with your performance and high-quality drifts while taking control of the modern cars.

The players can find tons of modern sports car models with a wide range of interior available for you to select in this game. Don't hesitate to try and progress further in the ranking of players to unlock more cars and upgrades. There will be a separate handbrake button and driving control keys to make it easier for you to drift and drive at the same time.

Let's take the time to admire the 3D background and enjoy this amazing animation with the best smoke effects while you create the drifts! Avoid crashing or colliding into the walls or any other opponent to show off your skills and gain the top scores with bonuses! How about taking the time to check out more similar car games like Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator from https://gogy.games/ later? How to play:

Instruction to play:

Drive the car and drift using the WASD keys or arrows.

Use the spacebar to activate the handbrake.

The F key is used to turn on the nitro.