Hunter Hitman

Here's your chance to become one of the best Hunter Hitman in this game of Gogy 2023 online! From the beginning of the game, all hitmen attending will be given a set of knives for executing missions and tasks. It's up to you to learn the required technique and necessary skills to become the last hitman surviving! All hitmen are armed with just a knife before attending their assassination sessions.

The overall goal is to follow the assignment of tasks, sneaking up on the chosen target or enemies, and eliminating them all. This means that the most important skill needed in this game will be the art of precision shooting. With one bullet, if you are capable of removing more than one target, you gain more chances of winning over high scores and gathering more experience in a short time!

Combo is the reward given to the best players with streaks or multiple winning shots at the same time. Let's see how you can utilize your skills to gain and collect coins, as well as unlock cards. Plenty of items and character skins are here for you to obtain or purchase in the store! It's a game that gives you daily gifts, so don't forget to pay a visit to collect daily rewards. Keep in mind that one of the tasks will be to uncover loot boxes that contain the yield cards.

When you manage to clear and assemble a total of 3 of the same cards, there is a new character is unlocked. Emerge in this 2D game with challenging gameplay, a vibrant setting, and various missions to enjoy during your free time! Come to share the experience and the art of defeating other players in more shooting games like Butterfly Shimai or Mini Swim, all are available without a dime on our gaming collection at!

Instruction to play:

\Click to aim and shoot.