Inversion 2048

Search no more for a modern version of 2048, as we are bringing the game of Inversion 2048 to your attention here at the Gogy puzzle game list! Use your quick calculation skills, which we knew that you have already demonstrated in the original game, to crack this new version! Let us show you how this harder and more challenging 2nd installment is played. The players are competing for the top spot using their math skills. The game is all about merging similar number tiles, which in turn triggers your brain calculation and enhances it. Experience the very first trial level with a detailed tutorial to get to know the game yourself!

This is basically a simple version of the 2048 game, but you are playing it on an upside-down platform. As the blocks reverse and get another number marked on them, it will not be as easy. Win by clearing the goal for each number board and by merging the number until you get the final number. Use your earned scores to get some boosters and bonuses from the store, as these items are extremely helpful in assisting your journey. Learn how to quickly rearrange and put the block in the right place.

The objective is to form the result of a new block, merged from two previous similar ones. Explore this fun game where mathematical operations with large numbers are the core. Keep an eye on the fast-moving gearboxes to utilize them on time. Learn and memorize the rules as well as the key points of this game alongside your online friends now! Don't forget that we added some good games for puzzle lovers such as Candy Monsters Puzzle and Block Collapse too! Get your hands on these free games from to make your boring weekend at home a bit more fun and rewarding. 

Instruction to play:

Play with touchpad, mouse, or WASD keys.