Chef Right Mix

Chef Right Mix is the hilarious online cooking game which you can play on gogy online games for free. This game is design for fans of cooking and it brings you a chance to experience as a real chef. You will become a male chef with a strange beard. He is wearing the chef white costume, a red scarf, and a white hat and holding a rattan basket.

The chef is going to cook something to serve the customer. There are various ingredients in the shelf. You can see vegetables, spices, and kinds of meat. Specifically, there is chili, lettuce, onion, cucumber, egg, garlic, tomato, bread, sandwich, salt, butter, cheese, sauce, beef, and so on. There are 3 steps in gogy kid games to finish the dish: add, cook, and serve.

You have to choose your aliments first. Click on them one by one and click the “add” button for the chef to put them in the basket. For instance, you click the bread and then press the “add” button, the chef will take it and put it in the basket. You have 5 maximum 5 ingredients.

After that, press the “cook” button and he will make a dish from the chosen ingredients. Then, click the “serve” button. He will try on this dish and evaluate it. If it is delicious and your ingredients are suitable to make a good dish, he gives you a certain number of points, otherwise, you receive the minus points. Show off your cooking skills right now and see who can gain the best score.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play the game.