Solitaire Swift

Solitaire Swift will be exactly your best gaming option if you are in search of one of the best fast-paced, thrilling, strategic, and fun card games with numerical gameplay! This is the Gogy puzzle game with both cool graphics and an interesting story. You will be working to stack all given cards in the correct numerical order. On the table, players will work with four stacks or docks of cards. Each of them is given one suit, and they are spread on the top. Work your way towards the highest levels by cracking the requirements with speed and precision! The final goal for this card game will be to stack full cards in ascending order and make sure that each stack is filled with all the given ones.

Keep in mind the rule that allows the players to move any card to any open or filled column. However, a King card can only be placed on an empty column. Use your given limited moves and complete the game as fast as possible. Make sure to plan and come up with a strategy before wasting any move. The players who can complete the level without using the undo button even once will be the top-ranged scores!

Fewer points will be rewarded if you make a mistake, so avoid them at all costs. Your stack should be starting from the ace card and end with King. On one stack that is being filled, only cards that are one rank higher can be placed after another. Get all of your cards perfectly arranged on their respective stack and you will win this game in no time! Here on our game list at , we invite you to spread out some joyful moments with games like Easter Hidden Eggs or Bubble Queen Cat ! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the cards.