Flat Jumper 2

Test your flexibility and quick eye-hand coordination with this new casual game called Flat Jumper 2 from the Gogy arcade game online! There is no need to search anymore if you are looking for a gaming option that is fast-paced, addictive enough yet easy to understand. This gameplay will keep you hooked and focus for a long time without getting bored! Get ready to explore an endless journey that awaits the fast players who can spot the platforms quickly. Your ball will start bouncing from the moment that you click on the screen.

Pay attention to the color of the ball and find platforms or blocks with similar colors as it's your main mission. If you manage to move the ball and let it bounce on the correct colored blocks, it will continue to move up further. If you fail, the ball will drop and your turn is over. There is nothing difficult about understanding the rules of this game, but controlling and mastering it is another problem.

In case you find no block among three available options with the right color, hit Space and change the color of the ball. This game will require kids to adapt and think very fast so that they can keep up with the ball movement. There is only a window of 3-5 secs for players to think and react before the ball hits the platform. Also, it's available to play on all devices, ranging from mobile phones, tablets to PC so don't hesitate to check it out!

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Instruction to play:

Move the ball using arrow keys, spacebar to change the ball's color.

Control using the touchpad on mobile and tablet.