Air Strike War Plane Simulator

Take control of this modern airplane in Air Strike War Plane Simulator - the latest simulation game from Gogy 2022 online with the best experience of plane controlling. You will play the role of the pilot of this airplane amidst the air strike. Be brave and stand the test against the other jet attack with an ultimate and thrilling 3D platform. Get on your modern jet, fly up and down the sky and prepare to fight with ultra-realistic jets from the enemy's team.

The goal is to hit the other jet by shooting at them with your estimation and aiming. Use the parameter and screen on the jet to estimate the direction for shooting. You need to do this task while balancing the plane in the air so it will test your multitasking skill for sure. If you are good at estimating timing for shooting and changing directions, this game will easily be your top range score with the top performance!

Don't just slide or fly around, instead, demonstrate a bit of your best stunts as well. This breathtaking action-based game will take your experience with fighter aircraft game to a new level thanks to the best simulation and 3D realistic animation. Enjoy your time with this game at filling with action and jet fighting with amazing background!

The key to winning the game is to choose a suitable target and take your turn to attack before the game gets intense. Do your best to dodge the bullets from other jets and counter attack to keep yours stable and intact. Go on new adventures with more games like One Escape with your friends for a blasting summer game now! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to control the plane and shoot at the enemies.