Crafttower is a fast-paced and bouncy game embedded with the arcade features for the fans of pixelated games online from gogy games online! The main character that will assist you on the journey is the green soldier who is looking for a way to reach the top of the tower. However, since this is an endless game, you can only help him reach the highest checkpoint possible without getting caught by the scary monsters in green.

The monsters will follow you up on the tower floor and they can get very close to the character. When the soldier puts his foot on the next block or platform, you only have a few seconds to choose the next one before the block breaks. If you are not quick enough, chances are your character will get flopped down the castle, which leads to all your work going to waste.

Be fast but careful enough as you have to choose which side of the tower to jump on. If you choose the side with no block, you will inevitably fall. The game is a new hit from as the players of all ages enjoy the fun and thrilling gameplay yet it's addictive enough to keep them coming back! \You will get to practice and enhance the reflex to make it perfect while performing under the pressure of time in this arcade game!

A high-score player will definitely get the name of the board, but it's crucial that you manage to defeat your previous record for progress. Gather some friends to see who can guide the soldier best! Prepare the skill sets to demonstrate the best performance with more adventure games like Naughty Panda Lifestyle or Unequal Match!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the arrow keys or tap on the screen to control the movement of the character.