Royal Siege

Keeping your air territory safe will be your sole objective and mission for life here at Royal Siege, one of our latest epic army defense games from Gogy's action game collection. With the main theme as a defensive game, you will take over the front line of the defensive line for the army and protect your side. It's a game-filled realistic scene, cool flipping, plenty of stunts, and a perfect platform to showcase your shooting and aiming skills.

You will see that the game comes with a 1st personal point of view and 3D graphics, which makes it extremely realistic along with some vibration and background. Start flying your aircraft around and make sure to protect your castle from dragons and armies in the sky. They will be attacking soon in waves, with a variety of weapons. Feel free to use yours as well such as ammos, bullets, arrows, bombs, miniguns, explosives, and cannons to keep your stance and win this shooting battle on air. First, learn how to manage your shooting direction and how to keep the bullets going. You can shoot many at the same time as long as you maneuver your aircraft and cannons well enough.

Don't hesitate to take the shot as soon as you see the enemies approaching. If you start shooting too late, chances are that you might fail to defeat them before they crash into your base. As it's an action-based game, keep an eye on the statistics on the screen to keep track of them during your game progress. Boosters and valuable items show up when you successfully defeat the enemies mid-air, so try to grab them before they drop. Train your skills with other similar plane games like K Games Challenge or Modern Air Warplane WW2, available without any cost here at!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to control.