Shoot To Military Vehicles

For the military soldiers, one of the most significant skills that will keep them alive on the battlefield is the shooting technique. Here at Gogy new game: Shoot To Military Vehicles, it's more than ordinary shooting practices. You will get to enhance your multitasking skills since there are two machine guns at your disposal. To control both of them efficiently, the controller has to be able to observe to find out the upcoming tanks, then aim properly and choose which gun to fire.

For each level, the number of tanks moving by shall vary, however, they will increase slowly to make the game harder. A tip for the newcomer is to fire freely at the first few trials since you have a total of 100 rockets to flee. Once you get to the higher levels, it's time to consider and aim properly since the given bullets will not be sufficient for all the tanks. If you keep shooting recklessly, you will not have enough rockets to make it through the battle.

Moreover, control both guns and choose the appropriate one are the issues. The goal is to keep your base safe and clear of any military vehicles as well as to gain the top scores, which is calculated at the moment that you die. This game comes with smooth gameplay, high-quality graphics with nice colors, and lots of newly updated levels so that you and your friends can freely explore.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the gun icons on two sides or use the A and L keys to pick the gun to fire at the military vehicles.