Cake Blocks Collapse

In this blocky game of Cake Blocks Collapse from Gogy online games 4 kids, we encourage you to move the mouse quickly and learn how to collapse the blocks! Don't let this stack of delicious cake items touch the ceiling of the board or else the game is over. You can remove the pieces one by one by tapping the identical groups of horizontally or vertically connected blocks.

The connected blocks need to help the same pattern and the same cake displayed on them. The more blocks there are on one group, the higher your scores will be. Keep in mind that we have a right-sided panel for you to check up on the scores, the time, and the protection. Depending on the groups that you select and remove, an additional score called protection will be given to you.

If the cleared group helps to deduct the height of the stack, you can go on with more items from under. For each successful collapse, you will fetch a score. As it's an endless game, you need to keep the game going and don't stop clearing more blocks. You will find your status shown at the bottom as the projected score for any selected group. Pay attention to the blurred upcoming blocks to come up with your strategy wisely.

If you play it right, your group might even contain more than ten blocks. Imagine the thrill and the excitement that this challenging gameplay from can bring to your game time! Let's see how many power-ups you can gather and use during the progress of one board! Feel free to check out some other equally interesting games with lovely graphics and colorful designs such as Brain Master IQ Challenge.

Instruction to play:

Click to select and remove the group of blocks.