Pet Runner

Crowded streets are the enemies of yours in this Gogy free game called Pet Runner, a special running game with a similar theme as the famous Subway Surfer that kids of all ages fell in love with. Instead of dashing on the subway track, this time, you will be controlling the movement of the lovely pet while being on the most crowded streets ever. Of course, the main goal remains to clear all bandits with the highest scores.

However, since there are so many obstacles, most players can't withstand the test for a long time. Let's make your name become the name of the top players on the Leaderboard by hopping on every obstacle and steering clear of the danger! As the cars approach your position, prepare to jump and dodge both high and low-laned cars.

The key factor in surviving the dangerous street is the good reflex of handling unexpected events. Don't refrain from speeding up because this will increase the excitement that the game brings. Once you reach a certain checkpoint, it's crucial for you to take on another task of chasing after the thief as well.

A variety of items, challenges, and beautiful sceneries await for you in this game at! Keep channeling your inner runner and break a leg in more running games like Alien Robot Warrior Hidden and Wire for more entertaining moments! 

Instruction to play:

Move from one lane to another and control the character using the mouse cursor or the arrow keys.