Grenade Toss

How long can you keep the streak of throwing the explosives, especially the grenades, to blow up the other soldiers in this Gogy kid game: Grenade Toss? The sole mission that any player has to overcome in this game is to aim and toss the grenades at the enemy. There will be lots of obstacles such as the hills, mountains, infrastructure, and other items that stand in the way. This means that only by aiming well and calculating the path of the grenades can you defeat them.

First, the game comes with an easy-to-understand tutorial and it's also very player-friendly, therefore, even the little kids or the newcomers can grasp the basics very quickly. Once you learn how to manage and control both the angle and the throwing force of your throws, it's time to join the level and write your record high up the board! Aim correctly and consider any element that might affect the throw. From the wind direction to the hill shapes, if you manage to take advantage of them well enough, throwing the grenades will be a piece of cake for you. T

he total scores are considered based on the number of grenades used, so you should check out the grenade count from time to time to keep track of it. There are only a few grenades given for each stage, which means that the players have to maintain victory with such a limited resource. Are you ready to pull off the throws amidst the challenging terrain, boxes, pulleys, and explosives, and flying animals?

Let's gather some friends to interact with a more simple yet addictive point-and-click type of games such as Dead Zed from Keep on sharpening your aiming skills to conquer this game in one turn! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to aim and choose the direction.