Floating Alien City

The alien war will certainly bring you many interesting things especially in the game Floating Alien City at gogy for school unblocked. This is one of the well-known 3D games updated at our website and gives players the opportunity to relax in their free time and participate in the battle for the ultimate victory.


Players need to move in a flexible way, fighting with the aliens by changing weapons and completing all missions to reach the highest score. Different challenges force you to fight aliens in this special game. Games of gogy help you play the game without being bothered by the ad or load speed game. You are ready to explore this exciting game today.


Share with friends to relax in your spare time and you will save this game in your favorite game list. If you have not explored all the battles, slowly overcome the challenges and become the best in the war against aliens. The aliens will protect their planet. Therefore, you will have to fight with the smartest tips to be able to win.


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Instruction to play:


WASD to move,

Left click to shoot,

1234 to switch weapons,

Space bar to jump and shift to run