Ddtank Tap

There will be more and more waves of monsters approaching your base in this new Gogy interactive game: Ddtank Tap, therefore, it's high time to prepare yourself to click and eliminate the most of them immediately. The game has one of the common gameplay that you can usually find in a simple point-and-click type of game. The enemies will slowly approach your base in waves and in line, so your job is to make sure that you don't stop clicking on any enemies that show up on the path leading to your base.

All that the players have to do in this game is simply clicking, however, when and where to click are the two most important elements that decide which players will conquer the main Leaderboard. Not only are the monsters your targets for clicking but the sudden falling treasure will also become another crucial target once you reach a level that is high enough. The more constant that you click on the tablet or the screen, the fewer waves of monsters will approach near your base.

There is no other better defense than a good offense, so do your best to defeat all the incoming enemies without a hitch in this game from http://gogy.games/. Tons of players from all around the world have participated in this fun and addictive game with the best score records. Are you ready to show your special technique and ability to control the battle on your own? Different players choose different ways of playing and strategies that suit them the most.

This wonderful game is available alongside some more good games of the point-and-click genres such as Rabbit Ben or Fruits Scramble. It's the best gems that you shouldn't miss out on! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the monsters using the left mouse to eliminate them and to interact.