Elevator Breaking

3D graphics in Elevator Breaking attracted kids of all ages, along with the game's unique rules and challenging gameplay. This Gogy 2020 game has all that you are looking for in a good game: best gaming features, lots of characters changing, and multiple levels. You will constantly tap or click on the elevator that is made of glass with the purpose of breaking it.

Of course, time is limited. You have only a few seconds to fulfill the mission of one level before the elevator reaches the ground safely. The moment that you tap on it enough, you will be able to see it blow off with a mini-explosion, and glass shall break. Use the other function and break bars on the platform to slow down the speed of falling and stop the elevator mid-way. This should buy you more time to carry out the ultimate mission.

After gaining some scores, you can purchase more weapons and boosters that will help you to smash the elevator much faster! Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the glass shattered and the elevator going off with this hilarious interactive game from http://gogy.games/! A tip for the new players is to keep check of the statistics and the height of the elevator in comparison to the ground, which is very helpful for timekeeping and progress control.

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Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button to make the elevator break.