Cs 1.6 - Online

The classic shooting game from the first person point of view is here at Gogy free games. Have you ever heard of Cs 1.6 - Online? With this virtual shooting battle, the players can hop into the intense world where there are tons of monsters, strange creatures and other obstacles that prevent you from reaching the goal. It's the perfect game for the days when you feel like you don't want to gather too many friends or just play shooting games alone.

The players need to move around very fast while locating the opponents or monsters. When they pop up, use your weapons to shoot precisely. It's easy to understand yet incredibly tough to master due to the large volume of attack waves. If you don't aim precisely, a lot of bullets will go to waste.

Another tip to conquer this battle is to keep check of the map. The moving dots show the real-time location of your enemies and yourself. Other than the opponents, it's crucial to take the scenery, blocks, infrastructure and other elements into consideration as well. It's best to come up with a plan beforehand in order to execute the mission smoothly.

Tons of choices for weapons can be found at the store in http://gogy.games/. Updating the capacity of your character will definitely increase the chance of surviving for a longer time. For more shooting games like this, we recommend some of the famous choices like Alien Infestation Fps and Boom Village - A Minecraft Battlefield

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move, aim and shoot with the mouse cursor.