Huggy Skate

In this new game of Gogy game 4 kids, you will participate in a side-scrolling and platform game with the adorable Huggy, the blue monster, who is in the first game of skating. He enjoys exploring new things with his skateboarding adventure and this new game will be a good chance for you to showcase your ability with this genre as well. Control the movement of Huggy and manage the balance while he's riding a skateboard.

The core task of this game is to make sure that you can jump over the existed obstacles that are scattered here and there. Do your best to make sure the jump is on time to move onto the route and get to the exit line in a smooth movement. If you fail to dodge the big blocks that are lying on your way, Huggy might trip and fall on his head, which leads to a failed level.

In case you reach higher levels and need to overcome the bigger blocks, learn how to estimate the force, the jump momentum, and the direction so as to avoid any possible damage that might take place. The final scores for each player shall be calculated based on the time required for each one. Feel free to use a double jump and get through them smoothly.

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Instruction to play:

Jump using the W key.