Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting is a fun fighting game presented on gogy action games. You are a ninja in this game and your mission is to show off your javelin throwing skills to eliminate many opponents. You and your foes also stand on the top of the tall building and both of them are prepared the javelins.

Before throwing the bow, determine the right direction, pull to create the force and then release bow to shoot. Specifying the right direction is very important to kill the enemies. Attempt to shoot your enemies in gogy games for school at the heads to slay them with one shot. If you shoot at their bodies such as the arm, leg, and foot, they don’t die immediately and just weaken. After that, you shoot them one or two times to kill them.

Besides, they attack you at all time and you also die with a headshot. Thus, try to eliminate them before they grab the chance to kill you. You stand still in one position but your enemies can change their position and that may be the challenge for you.

You gain one point for each killed foe. After you shoot one enemy, another one appears. Act fast to shoot them. In addition, sometimes you can see the heart on the screen, shoot at them to collect them for power-ups. They can heal your wound.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to attack.