Rabbit Ben

The forest floor is covered with golden coins, so you will assist the little pink rabbit while he starts the journey to explore this mysterious forest. The goal is to find the way out of it with the most coins that you can carry! At first look, the forest might appear like a safe and peaceful place, however, there will be lots of dangers and obstacles that are waiting for you inside. Will you be able to survive a total of 6 different places inside the wood? Let's start taking the first path into this game at Gogy land right now! When your little rabbit starts collecting the coins, it will be easy since they are scattered everywhere.

Once you managed to fill up your bucket with a certain number, the new enemies will show up to pose more challenges. Prepare yourself for the appearance of the little evil hedgehogs. They are the protectors of the forest and the coins, which means that they will attack you if they find you taking theirs. If one hedgehog starts chasing you, there will be more and more showing up and follow you to take back the coins that you took. Don't let that happen because you will not be able to outrun them.

Choose the right timing to jump to the next platforms and collect the coins when the hedgehogs are not looking so that you can be safe. Keep progressing by unlocking the next stage after finishing the current level. In case the hedgehogs manage to hit your rabbit with their sharp and deadly spikes, you will have to start all over again from the beginning of the stage.

Explore the mystery of the jungle and bring home the precious golden coins while keeping the rabbit safe! This free game awaits the daring players here at http://gogy.games/, along with other good games like Egg Helix

Instruction to play:

Move using the left mouse.