Fish Rescue Pin Pull

The little fish in Fish Rescue Pin Pull - a Gogy online game is dying as there is no water in his tank. Will you be able to help him out a bit? Use your logical thinking to think of the best way to release the amount of available water to its location. Some prominent obstacles that will prevent you from succeeding in this mission can be the red fluid, which will destroy all things coming into contact with it.

Or there will be the shark lurking in some places threatening to take all the water for himself! Do your best to take a full look at the layout and decide which pins to pull before the other. If you do it correctly, you will be able to rescue the fish, kill the predator in one shot, and even gather all the water pool for yourself to survive.

The scores or the coins that you get per stage will be decided base on the time you need to finish the level, and how much of the water amount you manage to clear. This means that you will have to try your best so as not to waste a single drop of water if you want your score to be on the top ranking list! Go on and enjoy this addictive game with some of your friends, as well as share with others some good gaming selection such as Air Combat 2D.

Beware that the difficulty increases throughout the levels with more pins to think of, more path to consider, and tons of other obstacles. The free gaming world consists of a bunch of different genres, so take the time to learn how to ace each and every one of them. Improve the skills for the advanced league from now on at!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click to pull the chosen pins.