Chicken Dodge

The chicken needs food is the apple in the game Chicken Dodge at gogy 5. If the chicken hit the bomb, the game will end. So the player needs to help the chicken move skillfully to get food while avoiding the bombs without bumping into them in this game. This is really fun and attracts players from all over the world. This game is loved by the tasks that players need to complete when helping the chicken fly and move in the most flexible way.


First, you need to be familiar with the way the game moves without colliding with any obstacles. Then collect the green apples and stay away from the colored bombs. kids gogy games help the player to play the game without being bothered by the ad or other factors. Move fast before the bombs hit you. You will be surprised by this game and share with your friends the moments that cannot be missed while playing the game.


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The game is similar to this game that you be able to explore in your spare time like Rolling Cheese. Do not miss the opportunity to become the king of fast-paced apples and apples in this game and discover another interesting new game on our website.

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Use your left mouse button and hit the up arrow to jump, left or right to help the chicken move easily