Montezuma Gems

Get some stress off your chest with this Gogy arcade game that is created solely for entertainment and enjoyment during the free time. The satisfaction of lining up more than 3 pieces in a match will be really helpful for relieving your daily stress and fatigue. Since it's a puzzle game with arcade gaming features, the players will get to transform into an Aboriginal person looking for blocks of all types of colors.

Without a worry about lack of experience, new kids can hop right into the first level using the tutorial that is available in-game. For each board or grid, you will find tons of gems arranging in different and messy orders, all with different colors. Do your best to collect these blocks according to the color code requirements shown on the left panel for each stage.

If you manage to clear the level by collecting the requested number within the limited time range, the game will be moving on to the higher and harder stages. On the other case, do your best and take the time to replay until it's all cleared. A line consisting of 3 or more similar colored stones shall be qualified for linking and for collecting.

The more gems there are on your line, the more combo rewards you will get! It's best if you manage to rearrange these gems into a new orbit that is efficient for gathering similar groups. Can you do the rearrangement as fast as possible without any error and claim the top title of the winner of this game from Compete with your friends and refer to other great options for playing with family and friends such as Super Candy Jewels!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click, hold and drag the mouse cursor to connect the gems with similar colors or themes.