Pipol Smasher

A new gaming selection with the theme of destruction and smashing gameplay has been updated to the free game list at Gogy land! It's a great choice for players of all ages so that you can freely tackle and enjoy it. This new gaming selection is all about how you destroy the other items on the platform and hit human beings. Just click on the car to smash all humans and make the car stop with the second click.

The more bystanders you can smash, the higher your scores will be. As it's one of the best intellectually stimulating puzzle games, you will need to figure out suitable tactics and strategies to crush the people as required. The number of targets changes depending on the difficulty level of the current stage that you are on. As obstacles and items will pop up along the way, what you need to do is to adapt and learn to take advantage of these items to win more scores in the shortest timeframe possible.

Tons of items and boosters can help you achieve your goal while dodging the barriers and attacks, so keep your eyes open and stay alert throughout the game. This game from https://gogy.games/ will contain some action and violence, with more savagery and brutality happening in the fire levels.

How good are you at controlling this monster truck and upgrading it for the sake of destruction? Let's gather some friends and compete in this top-rated game that is suitable for the fans of action-based and driving games! If you are confident and want to take up more challenges, don't forget to hit the other games like Stunt Crazy from our storage filled with cool gaming options!

Instruction to play:

Click and use the left mouse button to make the car move with one click and make it stop with double click.