One More Loop

Are you looking for a new gaming option that will guarantee a bit of fun and some thrilling challenges as well? One More Loop is a new fast-paced arcade game from Gogy 2022 online games with the simple neon-themed graphics and a challenging speed to keep you on your toes. The goal is to reach the center loop before being hit by the red dots. In order to move inwardly, you need to tap on the perfect timing to switch the loop.

However, the lurking red dots will prevent you from doing so too easily. Steer clear from them by estimating their movement and do your best to avoid coming into contact with any red dot. If the players tap to move too late, it's difficult to reach the center circle on time. On the other hands, if you try to move too many times, there will be higher chances that you might bump into a red dot as well.

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We are looking for the players who can conquer this loop jumping series in one go, are you confident enough to hit the challenge? Plenty of strategies can be applied to this game, but make sure to stay safe on the endless loops and move at the most suitable timing only. This will bring you to the highest levels among the collection!

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen using the left mouse button or tap on the mobile screen to make the dots move.