Emperors On Ice

In Gogy new game: Emperors On Ice, the penguins are falling into crisis as the poles are melting! Because the empire is weakened due to the loss of poles, there will be enemies attacking your empire. In order to keep the homeland safe, these brave penguins need your help while they try to defend the empire from unwanted enemies.

Each of the penguins is equipped with a gun of its own. Load it up, choose the perfect angle and force to fire at anything that looks suspicious. The battles in this game at http://gogy.games/ take place one by one. Each of your penguins takes the turn to fight off combat against the other team. Keep out for the young penguins at the fronts.

Don't hit these penguins because they will make your scores being decreased. Like most other shooting games, it requires your aiming ability and precision in choosing the angle to defeat the most penguins in one shot. Keep in mind that one of the toughest features is that the poles of ice will keep on melting as you progress through the game. If you can't defeat the other penguin before it melts, the game is over.

Keeping track of all the movements of your invaders will help a lot as you can deduct and come up with the attack strategy for the next one. All in all, this game is a chance to coordinate many of your individual skills into one test. Keep up with other challenges in other games like Bear Chase and Dumb Ways to Die 2 too! 

Instruction to play:

Launch and control with the mouse.