Small Archer 2

The second version of Small Archer 2 at Gogy land will not be as easy as the first installment, as you need more advanced skills to make sure that the worm can hit the targets within the limited time and shots. The goal of this gaming selection shall be to make sure that all the targets shown on each panel are hit. The more you manage to hit, the higher your scores will be.

You will go through different challenges scattered through the channels of levels. Keep in mind that the main archer needs to fulfill all the tasks to bypass the imprisonment. There is one chance for shooting at each target board. If you miss it, the worm will automatically move to the next and there's no second chance. How would you tackle a total of 45 levels, each with a unique layout and different distances for shooting?

Not only will this game from be a perfect choice if you like to emerge in a cartoony shooting world but it's also fun and addictive for kids of all ages. The two most important elements when it comes to hitting the targets in this game shall be the control of direction and force. Choose the direction by dragging the mouse and stop the parameter when it hits the perfect mark for force.

The parameter handle shall move constantly and you need to stop it at the right time to get the shooting force that you are looking for. Other games like Sniper Champion 3D might be different, but these new options will not let you down! Plenty of kids have joined the world of action games, arcade games, shooting ones, and tons of genres that you can explore with no limitation! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to control the archer.