To get out of the tornado of collisions with monster trucks, you will need more than just skills. A good vehicle and great synergy will be some key points to winning this Gogy car game called Bump.io! Let's prepare to push all boundaries and aim for the winning title at all costs! You will control your car while moving inside this arena. By bumping into the others, your energy bar will increase bit by bit and eventually fill up to level up or unlock new systems. Don't let others bump into you because the cars that are impacted will break down soon.

Instead of ordinary gameplay that you usually find in car games like driving, parking, or racing, this time, it's the chance for you to enhance the bumping skills! If you can push the other vehicle to the spikes, they will be eliminated immediately. There is a total of 16 different types of cars that await for you to unlock and drive. The more high-end your car is, the more force and power you can hit your opponents.

Don't leave the center of the arena at http://gogy.games/ because you become an easy target at the rear edge where the sharp spikes are located. Teaming up with smaller cars to defeat a big boss will also be a fun option to spice up the battle. Turn the wheel and control more sports cars in other car games like Schedios.io later! 

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to drive the car.