Endless arcade games have evolved with plenty of unique themes and special settings to widen the choice range for Gogy game players. If you enjoy running in the fun, playable arcade games that are easy to pick up, don't miss out the chance to enjoy Stairs! Thanks to the 3D graphics with vibrant and vivid colors, this has become one of the most popular arcade games here.

The task of the players is to control the movement of a bouncing ball. The ball needs to move flexibly along the path while trying to safely climb the never-ending stairs. It's not easy since plenty of spikes and holes are placed on the stairs in random orders. Keep your eyes open to choose the perfect position that the ball can land on. Only by not coming into contact with spikes and traps will you be able to keep the ball intact.

Checking the timing of your jumps and movements carefully will be the best method to survive in the game of! The challenges increase after each level with various gameplay to beat. The ball constantly bounces off the ground and the only element that you can take control is the direction. Don't bother trying to escape the path because there is no way out.

The players can sit back, relax and enjoy the game for as long as possible! The time that you play depends on your skills and technique only. Start off on other adventures with cool features in some games like Cut It Down Online and Jelly Merger

Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse button to steer the ball and change the direction.