Sumo Push Push

Sumo Push Push is the only place where the more you weight the better! There is no need to worry about the weight in this game since you will help your sumo character win by adding more and more weight! The mechanism of this Gogy fun game is that the sumo who can push with more strength and more weight shall be the winner of the match. If you haven't been familiar with the rules and setting of a sumo match, feel free to join the class and the tutorial game to learn the basic rules and the method.

After you are ready, pick a fight with any sumo of your pick from the list and test out your skills! The goal is to overpower the other sumo using the correct posture, right standing positions, and the cleverest position as an ultimate Sumo warrior. Keep check of the energy level and the time range to know when the match will be over. It's best to gain control of the lane and the grip right from the beginning since it shapes the game setting and the roles of the players.

The players develop their unique fighting styles after a few matches, so should you. Discover new and creative ways to win a match using your advantage and strength, as well as learning from the attack moves of your opponents. Reinforce your sumo when it's the right timing to make a counter-attack and refrain from letting your opponents throw any successful punches to you.

Proper allocation of strength is the tip to bring you the victory in the least moves possible in this game from! Gogy land offers you the chance to continue with more free fighting games like Boxing Fighter Super Punch and Basket Random later! 

Instruction to play:

Interact, move, and control the sumo using the mouse cursor and the left button.