Alien Slide

Have you heard of the Gogy kid game: Alien Slide? It's not any complicated game like those strategies or fighting games that require lots of skills and attention to conquering. Here, relax and have fun just by moving from the left to the right and vice versa. Your job is to steer clear of the falling asteroids in space while coming up with the next step. You can only choose when the alien will change in the opposite direction. The asteroids will keep falling one by one, sometimes there will be plenty of them showering on the little alien at once.

During such time, stay patient and choose your timing correctly. There is a straight horizontal line on the center of the game screen, which is the line that your alien will move along. He can't move outside the line, therefore his movements are quite restricted. It's up to you to decide how a simple yet smart choice can affect the result of whether he can survive the asteroids or not. At first, the speed will be normal.

As you play for a while, it will pace up to increase the difficulty of this game at! Check out the final scores on the top of the screen and continue to replay and conquer more asteroids! Your reflexes will enhance for sure just after a few rounds of this arcade game and more same gaming selections like Galactic Judge and Shark Hunter 2

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to make the alien change directions.